Sionic is a global consulting firm. Our focus is on change and we specialise in a unique blend of business and people performance. We are agile, independent and hold a straightforward philosophy – that outstanding people produce outstanding work.

We tackle complex operational, economic and strategic problems, big and small, for clients dealing with evolving markets, changing behaviours, technology and digital advances.

At Sionic, we attract, nurture and promote only the finest people. We constantly create new partnerships that focus on broader horizons. We are formed from three existing firms of longstanding pedigree: Knadel, Catalyst and Sionic Advisors. We are recognised as one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2019.

Now united as Sionic, we have become one of the world’s fastest growing independent consulting firms. We have over 300 professionals based in more than a dozen locations worldwide, including North America, Europe and Asia and we continue to expand at pace.

We deliver measurable value. When the world’s leading firms in financial services are looking to accelerate their performance, they call us.