Intellidex appoints new Head for Capital Markets Research division

08 October 2018 2 min. read

Research and financial services consultancy Intellidex has chosen Peter Attard Montalto to be its new Head for Capital Markets Research. The move follows the recent expansion of Intellidex into the North American Market through the establishment of a new office in Boston.

Based out of Johannesburg, Intellidex is a research and consulting firm that focuses on capital markets across Africa. The firm’s research spans three separate domains, namely capital markets research, financial services research and strategy research. To support this variety of services, the firm employs a mix of financial analysts, market researchers and media professionals.

The capital markets research division will now be headed by Peter Attard Montalto – a highly qualified financial analyst. Montalto obtained an MA in Economics and Mathermatics from Cambridge University, during which time he also gathered experience at banking giant Morgan Stanley.

He began his professional career as an Economist& Strategist at World First, where he spent just over two years. He then moved on to the role of Emerging Market Economist & Strategist for the regions of South Africa, the middle East and Iceland at Lehman Brothers, where he remained for another two years.

Intellidex appoints new Head for Capital Markets Research division

Since 2008, Montalto has been enaged as an Executive Director and Head of Emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa Economics at Nomura, where the scope of his research spanned macroeconomics, politics and sovereign risk across the regions in question.

He is a specialist in the economic analysis of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, with a specific emphasis on fixed income market, FDI advisory, government and senior policy maker relations, risk analysis and a whole range of other domains. These are precisely the domains that he will cover in his new role at Intellidex.

Commenting on his appointment, Intellidex Executive Chairperson Stuart Tehobald said, “He brings a strong fixed income competency to complement the firm’s existing equities research capability. With so much going on now in South Africa in the run up to the 2019 election, an independent offshore perspective is more valuable than ever to investors and other decision-makers.”

Montalto added, “The rest of the continent is also at a key junction given increased indebtedness in an environment of tightening global liquidity, with China and the International Monetary Fund set to play a complex role in the future of those economies.” Given the evolution of financial services and banking that South Africa is currently witnessing, Montalto will be situated in a highly relevant market for his research.