SMEC South Africa bags National Business Award for infrastructure development

30 November 2018 2 min. read

Engineering and infrastructure consultancy SMEC South Africa has received yet another award, this time being recognised as the winner of the Infrastructure Development and Maintenance category at this year’s National Business Awards.The award commends SMEC’s social and environmental contributions.

Specifically, the firm was recognised for the high standard of service that it has offered over the last year, including its treatment and attitude towards customers, its ethical considerations during business, and its compliance with global environmental sustainability standards. 

The firm topped the Infrastructure Development & Maintenance category, which incorporates development projects across a number of categories, including roads & railways, ports, energy, water & sanitation, housing, basic services, healthcare and education.

SMEC South Africa bags National Business Award for infrastructure development

The award was presented at this year’s edition of the National Business Awards in South Africa. Termed as “the Oscars of South African business,” the National Business Awards were established in 2002 with the specific objective of applauding success and – more pertinently to South Africa’s economy currently – innovation. 

In addition the awards recognise the social and environmental value of a firm’s operations, and are organised in collaboration with Top Performing in South Africa, a publication that recognises industry leaders across various sectors in the country.

The ceremony was held at the Emperor’s Palace in Gauteng, and was attended by senior executives from within SMEC’s vast organisation. This represents SMEC’s second victory in the Infrastructure Development & Maintenance category in two consecutive years, in addition to which the firm has been recognised for all aspects of its business.

In July, the firm was presented with two separate awards at the SAICE Durban Branch Awards 2018, one of which was in the “Technical Excellence Category, while the second award recognised one of the firm’s employees – Manicum Kresen – as Technologist of the Year.