Deloitte Challenge Marathon held under hot conditions in Durban

01 April 2019

Global professional services firm Deloitte has held the 2019 edition of its Deloitte Challenge Marathon in South Africa, and the event attracted a number of participants from across the country and the world. More than 9,000 athletes participated in the event, which was held in extremely challenging conditions. 

The high temperatures made this the “hottest” Deloitte Challenge Marathon in the event’s history, which spans half a decade. The event took place in Durban, and was presented by The Dolphin Coast Striders, with the prize money for the whole event amounting to R100,000.

Participants hailed from all across South Africa as well as from a number of other countries, and displayed their skills in a number of different athletic segments, including running and cycling. Nevertheless, the event wasn’t without its hiccups, and a number of participants suffered under the sever conditions.

Deloitte Challenge Marathon held under hot conditions in Durban

Not only was the medical staff called upon a number of times to treat runners, but there was reportedly a shortage of water supply along the race route, which caused a number of dehydration-related incidents. The route ran along the M4 highway in Durban to finish at the amphitheatre on the Durban Promenade.

Commenting on the water shortage, Chairman of the Dolphin Striders ­– who themselves had 24 participants in the event –  Paul Swinson said, “We initially followed the normal ratios of water per runner applied to most races, however after seeing the weather forecast additional water was ordered on the Friday prior to the race and additional water supplied on race day.”

“Although there are a number of factors that contributed to the shortage of water, these factors do not make up for the fact that many entrants had to endure long distances without official water supply,” he added. A number of people were forced to withdraw from the race midway as a result.

The winners at the event included Siyabonga Nkonde, who won the Standard Marathon event, as well as Janie Grundling, who won the women’s event. Ryan Harris was the winner of the Deloitte Cycle Challenge, which was also part of the overall sporting events. Deloitte has maintained its running event, despite KPMG withdrawing its sporting segments due to necessities for budget cuts. 


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Deloitte to organise financial summit in collaboration with Singularity University

01 March 2019

Global professional services firm Deloitte is set to collaborate with Singularity University The Development Bank of Southern Africa, Discovery and MTN to organise an Exponential Financial Summit in Cape Town, set to take place at the International Convention Centre at the end of May this year.

The event is focused on some of the themes that are most crucial to the contemporary South African economy, taking an innovative approach to discussing technology, finance and investment. Experts have place innovation at the centre of South Africa’s recovery from a period of economic struggle.

The primary organizer of the summit is Singularity University, which is a business incubation firm conceptualised to help entrepreneurs with developing the physical and mental resources required to establish a successful business. As the economy adopts an innovative approach, small and medium enterprises in South Africa are increasingly receptive to digital avenues of growth.

Outside of the technological domain, the Exponential Finance Summit will focus on themes of GDP growth and employment growth, the latter being particularly relevant in the South African context in light of its disproportionately high levels of unemployment.

Deloitte to organise financial summit in collaboration with Singularity University

Speakers at the event will include experts on a wide variety of fields, a number of which are members of the Singularity University in South Africa who have been appointed to the firm recently. These include Tanya Knowles, who is an expert in the field of blockchain and crypto-currency. 

Other speakers include GEci Karuri-Sebina, who is an expert in urban planning, and Benjamin Rosman, who is a deep learning and decision theory expert in the domain of robotics and artificial intelligence. Adriana Marais, the Head of Innovation at SAP Africa, will also be present at the event.

Commenting on the event, Rob Nail, CEO and Associate Founder of Singularity University said, “Exponential Finance will be a transformative experience for attendees. SingularityU South Africa convenes the world's experts to introduce attendees to exponential technologies and equip them with the mindset and leadership needed to take the finance industry into the future.”

“As part of our journey in future-proofing Africa, we are thrilled with our next SingularityU South Africa Summit iteration that will focus solely on the financial sector. The timing is crucial for South Africa to learn, network and collaborate, using exponential technologies so as not to get left behind and be disrupted,” said Shayne Mann, co-CEO at the institution.