Technology consultancy IndigoCube acquired by Dynamic Technologies

19 April 2019 2 min. read
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Gauteng-based technology consultancy IndigoCube has been acquired by South African tech firm Dynamic Technologies, which continues a long run of acquisitions for the latter this year. IndigoCube’s experience and expertise in the domain of training and consulting is the primary selling point for the firm. 

IndigoCube was established in 2000, and has grown across the South African market, offering a wide scope of services. A large part of these services are comprised of training and coaching, particularly with respect to IBM software. In addition, the firm offers, support with cyber security and application development, among other service lines.

Dynamic Technologies, on the other hand, was established in 2004 by DVT, and has since grown into a group of firms that offers a variety of services in the software domain. In addition, the firm offers support in the domain of financial services, accounting and leadership, all driven by a philosophy of entrepreneurship.

Technology consultancy IndigoCube acquired by Dynamic Technologies

The firm’s acquisition of IndigoCube is the latest in a long series of acquisitions in recent years, including a 51% share in DotModus and a 51% stake in Blue Pencil, which offers specialised services in the SAP domain. Employees at both firms will function as usual, given that both already operate out of the same premises.

Commenting on the acquisition, CEO of the firm Chris Wilkins said, “Dynamic Technologies aims to be the foremost software and services business in South Africa. We invest in people, companies and technologies. IndigoCube brings a strong consulting, education and training component to the group that we want to develop with our experience and insight. Our goal is to ensure we provide innovative education in South Africa in support of the digital economy.” 

Managing Director at the firm Ziaan Hattingh said, “Dynamic Technologies offers many opportunities IndigoCube can embrace, such as the global footprint, the business administration synergies, strategic initiative, and the powerful reputation that positions IndigoCube for growth.”

“IndigoCube leverages the most advanced thinking in agile, DevOps, digital innovation, product experimentation, cyber security and application development to prepare organisations for the digital economy. We combine training, consulting and coaching to deliver expertise that helps businesses develop their capacity for innovation management so they can be relevant today and in the future,"added Hattingh.