SRK Consulting attains Level 1 status under B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice

27 June 2019 2 min. read
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South African mining consultancy SRK Consulting has been upgraded to Level 1 status under Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) stipulations. The status has been awarded in recognition of the firm’s focus on domestic talent and help develop skills amongst most of its associates.

As a crucial part of the mining sector in South Africa, SRK Consulting has grown to great prominence in recent years. The firm has supported a number of mining companies with navigating the increasingly challenging conditions in the South African mining sector, brought about by falling commodity prices.

SRK Consulting’s expertise has been lent credibility through global recognition. Late last year, the firm was named at the top of the list for the 25 best reports on the mining sector across the globe. The firm has conducted detailed analysis on the economic and environmental future of mining in South Africa.

SRK Consulting attains Level 1 status under B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice

Now, the firm has grown in its social profile, after being awarded Level 1 status under B-BBEE stipulations. The B-BBEE scheme has four Codes of Good Practice, which include Ownership, Management Control, Skill Development, Enterprise & Supplier Development, and Socio-economic Development.

SRK Consulting appears to have performed particularly well on all these indicators, which has elevated its status. Within these indicators, the firm performed particularly well in the training and mentoring domain, which comes under the ambit of enterprise & supplier development. 

Vis Reddy, Managing Director of SRK Consulting said, “We believe that skills transfer is where true transformation takes place. As an employee-owned company, this means that our employment demographics gradually reflect in out ownership profile.”

“As Level 1 company, we appreciate that we become more attractive to historically disadvantaged individuals, as this speaks to the inclusive culture of our business. We do not compromise on quality, so we insist that our suppliers work to high standards. We support them in various ways, ensuring that we contribute to wider economic participation – while helping make each of them become more competitive and resilient.”