Hoorah Digital takes on a bigger role in managing Sanofi's marketing in SA

25 July 2019 Consultancy.co.za 2 min. read

Global pharmaceutical firm Sanofi has selected digital marketing agency Hoorah digital to support with its overall branding and strategy development, following from a successful one-year relationship between the two firms, wherein Hoorah managed the branding of Sanofi’s Essentiale brand.

Essentiale is a specialised medication developed by Sanofi that primarily serves to improve liver function through a variety of means. These include enhancing the capacity of liver cells to regenerate and repair themselves and reduce fat accumulation in the organ. For the last year, Hoorah Digital has been managing the branding for this product.

Having demonstrated its capabilities, the firm has now been handed a new role with respect to managing marketing functions for Sanofi, which still includes management of the Essentiale brand, but also extends to managing the overall brand strategy for Sanofi and undertaking its creative design profile.

The tasks include handling the video production for Sanofi, creating, designing and animating the graphics for campaigns, building a social media profile, as well as managing the website. Hoorah Digital is also tasked with managing Sanofi’s e-commerce operations and strategy.

Hoorah Digital takes on a bigger role in managing Sanofi's marketing in SA

Since its establishment last year, Hoorah has been engaged in concerted efforts to develop each of the above capabilities. The firm acquired Tenzing Agency in July last year, a firm that was targeted specifically for its demonstrated capabilities in the ecommerce management domain.

The firm also boosted its creative capabilities earlier this year, with the acquisition of creative agency Ritual Studio, which is founded by creative expert Simon Spreckley. The new Sanofi contract is consistent with a number of other partnerships that the firm has won since last year.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mimi Thabethe, Africa Digital Marketing Manager at Sanofi Africa said, “As digital penetration and Internet users grow in Africa, it has become important for our business to build partnerships with teams that can help us bring our brands to life where it matters most for our target audience. Our partnership with Hoorah brings to life a more focused approach to digital execution, rooted deeply in insights that’ll catapult our business to being the most consumer-centric healthcare organisation.”

“At Hoorah Digital, we believe in the marriage of data, creativity and media tech. We are looking forward to helping Sanofi SA reach new heights,” added Shaune Jordaan, Founder and CEO at Hoorah Digital.