Accenture to support an event promoting gender equality in SA

01 August 2019 2 min. read
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Accenture is among a number of high profile firms that will organise the Voices of Change event in South Africa this August, which is being set up to encourage leaders in the country’s business environment to actively advocate a more gender equitable business environment. Nedbank, MTN and Business Engage are the other firms contributing to the event. 

This will be the second edition of Voices of Change, at a time when South African businesses appear to be equal but not necessarily equitable with respect to gender balance in the workplace. The country is among the best in the world when it comes to having women in the workplace.

This year, the country even ranked 19th in the world out of 149 countries that were assessed for gender equality in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Report. However, while present in South African workplaces, women are struggling against inequitable practices.

Reports have suggested that women in the country face a glass ceiling when it comes to ascending through business ranks, often losing out on strong promotions to weaker candidates. In the same World Economic Forum report mentioned above, South Africa ranked 117th in the world when it comes to gender wage equality.

Accenture to support an event promoting gender equality in SA

Changing this scenario requires leadership from within the country’s business environment. Organisers of the event – Accenture, Nedbank, MTN and Business Engage – are leaders in their respective industries in South Africa, and are demonstrating their commitment to a more evolved work environment. 

The firms are encouraging professionals in South Africa not only to promote gender equality within their organisation, but to collaborate with professionals from other organisations to promote an overall spirit of equality. The Voices of Change event is an attempt at facilitating such a network of change.

Integrated Marketing & Communications Director at Accenture and the firm’s Women’s Forum Ntombi Mhangwani said, “Voices of Change is about underscoring the value of female inclusion and the value of leadership diversity. It opens the floor to men and women responsible for seeking and leading the change. Our commitment to working together as corporates towards achieving these goals can help pave the future.”

Senior Manager at MTN Elsie Manamela added, “We believe that an even greater impact can be made if we work together towards unlocking the potential of female leaders – not only in the ICT sectors but throughout the economic segments.”