Dimension Data's business consulting vertical to support Workday

02 September 2019 Consultancy.co.za 2 min. read

IT consultancy Dimension Data is set to consolidate its partnership financial solutions firm Workday to help deliver the latter’s Human Capital Management (HCM) services to clients in South Africa. The new partnership will be managed by Dimension Data’s dedicated digital business solutions vertical Britehouse.

Dimension Data is a Johannesburg-based firm that has supported with the launch and implementation of Workday’s HCM solution since it was first developed for the South African market. The solution represents a single platform that allows for each stage of the talent management process, ranging from recruitment to development.

Specifically, the platform provides employee engagement on any preferred device, flexibility for significant changes, context-based insights to inform more adept decisions, and an overview of human capital costs across the organisation. The solution is particularly relevant in the contemporary South African context, where workforce management is more important than ever.

Dimension Data's business consulting vertical to support Workday

As the business environment in the country shifts towards the digital sphere, an increasing number of organisations are looking to realign their workforce to adapt to the needs of the contemporary market requirements. The new age workforce must be adept at extracting value from a range of technologies, from data analytics to artificial intelligence.

Britehouse will now work on supporting clients across South Africa with this process alongside Workday. The subsidiary of Dimension data operates out of Gauteng, and offers a wide variety of solutions in the digital domain, with a specialisation in Enterprise Resource Management platform SAP.

The partnership will help firms across South Africa with automating the basic aspects of their business operations, so as to free up time and resources to focus on strategic growth and competitiveness. Britehouse will manage the consulting aspect of the partnership, including managed and cloud services.

“Britehouse has the relevant expertise and experience to implement Workday HCM in South Africa. Having been a client ourselves, we are able to understand client needs and provide a unique value proposition. We believe in sharing in our experience and we’re excited about working with future clients on their HCM journey,” said Ed Gassner, CEO at Britehouse.