Jellyfish South Africa is ready to drive digital transformation

18 September 2019 2 min. read
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Having made expansions to its South African practice early this year, executives at London-based marketing and advertising consultancy Jellyfish are confident about the firm’s capacity to support clients with marketing needs that align with demands in the contemporary context.

Jellyfish was established in London in 2005, and has since expanded into North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The firm’s African presence is composed of three offices in South Africa, which includes one each in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. The latter was only established early this year.

Grounded in the marketing and advertising domain, the firm offers support through a broad range of services, including digital strategy, analytics, integrated campaign planning, design and a number of other creative enhancements. Executives at the firm have now revealed how they are evolving their suite of services in South Africa to help firms meet their innovative needs.

Innovation is a central objective in South Africa currently, as businesses look to digital transformation as a ticket to international competitiveness. Jellyfish is looking to support firms with this transition. “We’ve moved on from being part of the new breed of digital agencies to being a digital partner,” explains Daniel Wilkinson, Head of Paid Media for Jellyfish.

Jellyfish South Africa is ready to drive digital transformation

Wilkinson was speaking at a thought leadership event recently held by Jellyfish in Johannesburg. Also present at the event was Jellyfish’s South Africa Managing Director Tim Lombard, who used the platform to elaborate on the complicated and versatile process of in-housing.

“In-housing can mean a lot of different things to each brand depending on their digital maturity. Most brands will need their own unique combination of capabilities to fully meet their individual needs, so the in-house spectrum can range from entirely outsourced to fully owned and operated,” explained Lombard.

According to Lombard, Jellyfish has developed a suitbale pool of expertise and the right approach to help a wide variety of clients with in-housing. “Jellyfish understands that each business is at a different stage of the digital transformation process, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of short, medium and long-term stack management training solutions designed to facilitate your teams’ digitisation,” he said.

Lombard also commented on the training services being offered, which allow organisations to develop skills of the future. “Your teams will need a mix of knowledge, skills and experience to deliver your digital maturity shift. We blend together our learning methods to deliver the knowledge and skills as you need them,” said Lombard.