Deloitte hosts ICASA South Africa's SheLeads Tech event in Durban

01 October 2019 2 min. read
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Deloitte has recently hosted the ISACA SheLeads Tech initiative at its Durban office, an event that was set up as a forum to discuss how women can break into the world of tech. More than 30 individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds attended the even, which tackles an increasingly pertinent issue. 

ISACA SheLeadsTech was a networking event that was held over breakfast at Deloitte under the title ‘Future Tech Workforce: Breaking the Gender Barriers.’ This marked the first time that ISACA South Africa allowed male attendees at the event, indicating how important it is for men to join the dialogue surrounding gender balance issues.

In South Africa, the issue of gender balance in the tech workforce is particularly relevant in the contemporary context, primarily due to two broad trends. The first is that women in the country struggle to make it into senior positions in the business environment, with many reporting that they meet a glass ceiling in their professional career.

ICASA SheLeadsTech

The second major trend is that digital demands are forcing South Africa to reinvent its workforce in line with digital skills. The phenomenon is a temporary hindrance to growth, but presents an opportunity for women to develop tech-based skills and establish their presence in the world of tech – a traditionally male dominated discipline.

The SheLeadsTech event offered a strong platform to discuss the best way forward for women in this national context. The event was attended by a number of high profile executives in South Africa, including Director of Business Development at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Tracy Cohen, who delivered the keynote address.

Cohen’s address was focused on the topic ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution: an event or evolutionary journey?’ She used the address to advocate for the latter, criticising the conventional policy making approach, which tends to perceive the advent of Industry 4.0 as a single event.

Attendees were welcomed by the Chair of ISACA South Africa’s Chair of the Social and Ethics Committee and Director of Candor Governance Carolynn Chalmers, while a second keynote address was delivered by academic and researcher at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Trishana Ramluckan.