BUI launches Cyber Security Operations Centre in Johannesburg

02 December 2019 Consultancy.co.za 2 min. read
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Johannesburg-based IT consultancy BUI has established a twenty-four-hour Cyber Security Operations Center (SoC) in Bryanston, with the specific objective of developing cloud-based IT security solutions. The BUI Cyber SoC will be backed by a range of Microsoft cybersecurity products to enhance delivery.

The BUI Cyber SoC will be manned by specialised consultants 24/7, working to collect data from a variety of data points in an organisation. The collected data allows the centre to monitor operations for its clients and detect anomalies that might indicate cyber vulnerabilities.

In addition to the real time threat detection, the centre is also equipped with the capacity to respond to the threats and manage potentially dangerous situations. Machine learning techniques, meanwhile, ensure that potential red flags don’t repeatedly appear for similar events.

The centre is backed in these efforts by a range of Microsoft products, including Azure Sentinel, which is the global tech giant’s cloud-native security management platform. The technology in the centre can adapt to the IT infrastructure of any organisation, making it a flexible fit for clients.

BUI launches Cyber Security Operations Centre in Johannesburg

At a time when an increasing number of South African businesses are investing in digitalisation, the degree of vulnerability to cyber attacks has increased exponentially. The advisory space has been working to develop its capacity to help the growing pool of digitalised firms shore up their operations against cyber attacks. 

BUI is among these firms. The Johannesburg-based firm offers a range of consulting services in the IT space, including identity & security services and cloud technology support. The firm is a Microsoft partner, and offers a range of Microsoft products such as zure, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Commenting on the new centre, Hilton Ashford, Security Manager at BUI said, “The combination of cutting-edge technology, industry-leading skills, and award-winning service is what makes our Cyber SoC so distinctive. It’s a cyber security resource unlike any other in South Africa. We aim to provide a comprehensive, compelling solution for organisations for their digital security.”

“There’s a new headline about cyber crime almost every day. And as the threats evolve, so too must our responses. Effective cybersecurity is not a one-time operation: safeguarding sensitive data requires constant vigilance, and not some software you buy,” he added.