Capital Communications partners with South African firm to launch Impact Branding

06 March 2018 3 min. read
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Hungarian branding and communications consultancy Capital Communications has formed a strategic partnership with South-Africa-based reputation management agency, DonValley. The new partnership will offer a novel line of service that the firms call ‘Impact Branding.’ 

Having been operational for nearly 20 years now, Capital Communications is a Hungarian consulting firm based out of Budapest. As the name suggests, the firm specialises in communications, employing a multi-disciplinary approach to offer solutions to its clients, which are distributed across the world and include major Multinational Corporations (MNCs) 

Services offered by Capital Communications include branding, corporate and crisis communications, investor relations, multimedia, public affairs, and a range of other offerings in the public relations domain. The firm differentiates itself through two primary features: its pioneering initiatives, and its presence on the ground in core markets. 

In its latest move, the firm has shown consistency with both of those characteristics. Capital Communications has consolidated its presence in the South African market by forming a partnership with a South African firm, with the primary objective of launching a pioneering new service-line in the communications field.

DonValley, the firm’s local partner, is similarly a brand, marketing, and communications consultancy, based out of Cape Town in South Africa. DonValley was established in 2006, and offers services in brand strategy assessment, public and media relations, corporate and strategic communications, as well as crisis management.

Capital Communications partners with DonValley

Together, the firms will offer the ‘Impact Branding’ service line, which revolves around applying the principles of impact investment to the domains of branding, corporate identity, public affairs, among other related fields. Impact Branding will extend to clients in all domains, including corporations and government agencies, all operational in South Africa.

In addition, conditional to success in the country, the firms hope that Impact branding will gain international recognition. As elucidated by Gabor Hegyi, Founder and Managing Director at Capital Communications, “Impact Branding is a concept and service that we see having a strong international presence.”

Hegyi adds, “Companies, organisations, institutions and countries need help to deal with and communicate social and environmental impact, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make the world a better place. We studied the South African market in detail, and believe that Impact Branding can play a significant role here.”

DonValley executives appear equally confident in the new service line. Solly Moeng, Founding Managing Director and Senior Consultant at DonValley said, “Impact Branding will certainly revolutionise the way brands play their part as corporate citizens in South Africa and the region. It will enable them to package a whole basket of tools – in line with their corporate strategy, and in alignment with the need to always be mindful of legislative requirements on B-BBEE, Affirmative Action, environmental and social impact – that will help them leave a positive impact.”

Moeng’s comments on meeting B-BBEE requirements are well substantiated, as a number of firms are restructuring their ownership to match the acts stipulations. Another reputation management consultancy by the name of Vuma recently rearranged its ownership, as did business advisory firm Rifle Shot Performance Holdings (RSPH).