Cape Town based 4R technologies supports consulting firm with software platform

15 March 2018 3 min. read

HealthTechS3 (HTS3); a leading consulting firm in the healthcare and hospital management segments, has been supported by 4R Technologies; a South African Business Process Outsourcing and IT support firm, with the establishment of a specialised software platform to aid with the firm’s interim recruitment process.

Founded in 1971 in Tennessee, HST3 was conceptualised as a consulting firm to help clients in the healthcare sector with performance improvement, compliance, cost-effectiveness, and patient care. The firm is endowed with a highly experienced staff, who have all previously worked extensively in the medical sector.

The firm’s methods include; strategic planning, which involves calculated prioritisation; ‘affiliation consulting’, which hopes to link major industrial stalwarts for strategic partnerships; Community Health Needs Assessments, which extends to the social sector, as well as standard consulting services such as turnaround strategies and transaction advice.

One of the firm’s most crucial verticals is the Interim Recruitment segment, which deals with urgent situations in which a contract is terminated suddenly, or a permanent role is left unfulfilled for an extended period. In such scenarios, HTS3 leverages its agile capabilities to recruit talented individuals on an interim basis, with a specific emphasis on speed.

The firm has placed interims at various CxO levels, including CEOs, CFOs, and Chief Nursing Officers. HTS3 has been placing suitable candidates for over 45 years, building an expansive database of interim professionals who can take the reigns at a moment’s notice and restore stability to medical institutions.

Cape Town based 4R technologies supports consulting firm with software platformIn order to bolster the Interim Recruitment vertical, the firm has sought IT consulting support to develop a dedicated software platform for the recruitment process. The platform will include a front-end web interface, which will help manage the substantial volume of applications.

In addition, the platform incorporates Recruitbank; a back-end tracking system for applicants that will coordinate with the front-end web portal to identify the most suitable health executives. The platform has been developed by 4R Technologies, which specialises in software development, IT support and revenue cycle management. 

4R Technologies emphasises the importance of productivity among the workforce, and promotes active efforts to foster an efficient environment. Having supported a number of organisations with operational optimisation, the firm’s objective is to become the leading business process outsourcing agency in South Africa. The recruitment arm of the firm is particularly well situated in South Africa, as the country has a substantial youth population, producing a sea of highly qualified graduates each year.

Alongside the recruitment support offered in this case, the firm has worked with the healthcare sector in a number of other areas, including medical billing, medical coding, and business analytics.

Commenting on the new platform, President of HTS3, Neil Todhunter said, “The rapid growth of our interim leadership and staffing business lines put pressure on us to find a non-spreadsheet solution to support our executives. We had to find a more integrated solution to keep up the level of service that our clients and our executives demanded. 4R provided the entire solution in a cost effective and timely manner. “