ArkTree becomes sole reseller of SophiaTX blockchain products in South Africa

20 July 2018 3 min. read
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South African blockchain-specialist firm ArkTree has announced a strategic partnership with Swiss blockchain marketplace SophiaTX, aimed at promoting the benefits of blockchain technology across the South African market. The partnership will see ArkTree becoming the sole reseller of SophiaTX products in South Africa. 

Founded in 2018 on the Western Cape, ArkTree is truly a contemporary consulting firm, centred around the blockchain paradigm, also delving into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The firm leverages its solutions to advise in the advanced management accounting and integrated financial supply chain domains.

Alongside offering blockchain solutions to the consumer goods, utilities, resources, food technology and banking sectors, the firm also offers expertise in the German ERP solutions SAP. Among other applications, ArkTree specifically uses SAP to offer advanced actual costing services, analysing standards and actual costs at a cost component level.

Having come into existence this year, the firm has already won a large chunk of business, becoming the sole reseller of SophiaTX in South Africa. As a blockchain-specialised project of Swiss joint stock company Equidato Technologies AG, SophiaTX is similarly focused on SAP and blockchain capabilities.ArkTree becomes sole reseller of SophiaTX blockchain products in South AfricaSophiaTX is designed as a multi-sectoral collaborative entity, offering the exchange and integration of the latest in ERP, customer relationship management (CRM) and software configuration management (SCM) systems. The entity also delves into the business intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics domains.

The firm is now looking to capitalise on the growing market for blockchain technology across South Africa, particularly as previously hesitant small and medium enterprises start to embrace new technologies, further encouraged by the fact that IoT and automated technologies are gaining popularity at a similar rate. 

Commenting on the partnership, ArkTree Managing Director Sean Martin said, “The experience in enterprise-grade information systems combined with the ability to show clients how systems can be integrated with appropriate blockchain solutions to enhance the business value chain, offers these two companies solid foundation in their partnership decision.”

CEO of SophiaTX Jaroslav Kacina said, “SophiaTX will bring a direct impact on the bottom line in a relatively short period of time for all businesses that seek better collaboration, exchange of information across industries, and an increase in competitiveness. SophiaTX is aimed at extending business applications such as SAP and also the integration of disruptive technologies such as IoT sensors, AI, Robotics and several others.”

He added, “Our partnership will deliver scalable enterprise-grade blockchain solutions with service and performance required by businesses. Additionally, the solution offers appropriate levels of compliance – SophiaTX works jointly with the “big four” advisory and audit firms to achieve required security standards and ISO certifications.”