Philani Dlamini to replace Adré Schreuber as CEO at Consulta

07 September 2018 3 min. read
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Established chartered accountant and auditor Philani Dlamini is the new Chief Executive Officer at customer relationship management consulting firm Consulta. He will take over from Adré Schreuder, who founded the firm two decades ago and will now take over as Chief Visionary Officer.

Philani Dlamini has nearly two decades of experience in the accounting and internal auditing domain, having worked at a number of high-profile firms throughout his career. His specialties span the risk management, internal auditing & oversight, human resources, and technology domains.

Having obtained a BA in accounting from the University of Kwazula Natal, and subsequently obtained his Chartered Accountantship, Dlamini went on to hold senior positions at a number of firms, including the National Empowerment Fund, TSB Sugar, Black Management Forum, and Integrated Processing Solutions.

Since September 2016, Dlamini has been the Executive Finance Manager at NestLife Assurance – a role that he has now left to take the reins as CEO of Consulta. Founded two decades ago in 1998, Consulta is a consulting firm with services spanning customer experience measurement, customer satisfaction, conjoint analysis, brand fitness measures, and a number of others.

Philani Dlamini to replace Adré Schreuber as CEO at Consulta

Alongside these services, the firm also conducts a wide variety of market research. One of its flagship offerings in this domain is the South Africa Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi), wherein it studies the largest firms operational in South Africa, offering an industry-wide benchmark of customer satisfaction levels.  

Dlamini takes over from Adré Schreuder, who is an academic by background with a specialisation in the field of marketing. Schreuder will now take over as Chief Visionary Officer at Consulta, wherein he will leverage his wealth of experience in the marketing domain to help clients with their customer management.

Commenting on the transition, Schreuder said, “Having started Consulta over 20 years ago with the vision of building a strong, proudly South African consultancy, I am excited to support Philani to lead the newly transformed company into the new chapter of our journey, At the same time, it affords me the opportunity to do what I truly love – help clients to become world-class in customer experience.”

He added, “We are excited to further the process of transformation at an executive level, with Philani leading our BEE Level 2 business in its broad range of consulting services to a myriad of South African industries, In addition to The South African Customer Satisfaction Indices, we have rolled out Citizen Satisfaction measuring South African municipalities – and in the future, the larger public sector – that show a direct correlation and impact that poorly performing areas can have on the country’s overall GDP.”

Dlamini himself added, “Consulta’s innovative approach to customer experience management as a consultancy, and the tangible results that our partners can derive from the insights, is at the top of its game. It’s become even more necessary for brands and local and national government to acknowledge the need to link various forms of data to gain a deeper understanding of businesses and how to connect to customers and citizens.”