HVS Director endorses new visa regulations in South Africa

01 October 2018 Consultancy.co.za 2 min. read
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According to Rishabh Thapar, Director at global hospitality consultancy HVS consulting, the new regulatory framework for visa applications to South Africa are a much needed intervention, primarily to tackle the deterrent value held by the currently long and tedious application process.

While a number of industries in South Africa might be struggling, the tourism sector appears to be performing steadily well, and is expected to do so into the near future. In particular, the country is facing a sea of tourists entering from the BRICS countries, and relaxed trade regulations are promoting the movement of people.

Nevertheless, some argue that the sector has not realised its potential, a large reason for which is the long and cumbersome visa application and processing times. This week, the Minister of Home Affairs in South Africa Malusi Gigaba made announcements to rectify this situation.

HVS Director endorses new visa regulations in South Africa

A new regulatory framework is expected to be enforced, which will not only relax the overall  requirements, but will also expedite the applications that are submitted online. The move is targeted at the segment of tourists who tend to plan their travels between a week and a month in advance.

Director of HVS Consulting Rishabh Thapar has lauded these new regulations. These steps are in line with international standards and will most certainly encourage international visitors, which in turn will benefit the economy,” he said, in light of South Africa’s increasingly key position in global trade.

“We have seen a huge increase in the e-visas filed in every major economy that has adopted the e-visa system in recent years, and simplification of the process will definitely lead to increased tourist arrivals as well. We hope to see these initiatives implemented soon so that their positive impact can be felt ahead of the 2019 tourism summer season,” he added.

HVS is among a number of international tourism and hospitality consultancies looking to capitalise on this promising scenario. Firms have begun revamping their operations to help cope with ballooning demand and the wide range of international preferences.