Facebook selects Datacentrix as South Africa reseller partner for Workplace

16 November 2018 Consultancy.co.za

South African IT services and data solutions firm Datacentrix has been appointed as a reselling partner for Facebook’s collaborative platform ‘Workplace.’ The partnership makes Datacentrix the first Workplace reseller in South Africa since the platform was launched back in 2016.

Workplace is a product from Facebook aimed at facilitating a more efficient environment for internal collaboration in the office. The product essentially leverages traditional and “familiar” Facebook features such as chat, voice notes and video calls to facilitate communication in a more professional sense.

Some of the key features of Workplace include instant messaging services, private and secure discussion portals for collaborative projects, an AI-based newsfeed designed to include updates most relevant to your work and the ability to integrate with other mobile tools and applications.

Given the increasing propensity amongst South African businesses to integrate digital tools into their operations, Facebook has now decided to market Workplace in the country. In order to resell the application, the firm has selected Gauteng-based digital solutions firm Datacentrix as a partner.

Facebook selects Datacentrix as South Africa reseller partner for Workplace

The firm has been operational in South Africa for two decades, and has offices across Gauteng, the Western Cape, Durban, Port Elizabeth and other regions in the Eastern Cape. The firm’s suite of services includes business solutions, cloud services, enterprise content management and several others.

Managing Director at Datacentrix Johann Coetzee explains, “There are an estimated two billion Facebook users globally, And, according to research company World Wide Worx, there are around 19 million South African Facebook users, up by a staggering two million since 2017. Where this is of huge advantage to local businesses is that they are able to extend a user's familiarity and comfort in using Facebook on a personal level to the workplace, saving on training costs and ensuring that employees can metaphorically hit the ground running.”

“Datacentrix's track record as a specialist cloud consultant places it in an ideal position to help South African companies to navigate today's digital world, allowing its customers to drive business efficiencies as well as user experience. The addition of a tool like Workplace to our arsenal allows us to assist our customers in further transforming communications, culture and workflows, essentially building an organisational-wide community,” he added.

Coetzee speaks within the context of a market that has been working steadily towards increasing its innovative capabilities, particularly as it looks to diversify beyond its traditional reliance on commodities while simultaneously keeping pace with global advancements in technology and business.

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Digital transformation is more than just a question of adopting new technology

10 April 2019 Consultancy.co.za

While branding is an important aspect of creating a digital profile, true digital transformation entails the integration of technology into each and every aspect of business operations, according to CEO of Hoorah Digital Shaune Jordaan. The latter strategy is crucial to remain competitive in today’s markets.

Jordaan presents the example of Naspers as the epitome of a contemporary digital organisation. According to Jordaan, Naspers has remained ahead of the curve at every step when it has come to digital disruption, primarily by ensuring that every aspect of its operations are digitally enhanced.

The strategy to achieve such a degree of digital transformation includes a combination of innovative practices and inorganic growth. Jordaan’s claims are consistent with those being made by a number of experts regarding the South African market, all of whom agree for the need for innovation.

Even the skills and talent within an organisation must be aligned with the digital orientation of the firm, if an epidemic of unemployment is to be avoided. Nevertheless, the current scenario in South Africa still reflects a cautious approach to digital transformation, with integration being managed one step at a time.Digital transformation is more than just a question of adopting new technology

Although embracing digital integration despite the high costs associated is a big step for some small enterprises in the first place, Jordaan argues that this approach is not enough to remain competitive in the contemporary scenario, particularly as new firms are emerging that are entirely reliant on digital mechanisms.

“For far too many South African companies, the solution to this threat is to tackle one aspect of digital at a time. They might, for instance, engage a digital agency to ensure that they have a good online presence. Alternatively, they might update their IT systems and digitize some of their processes, or throw up an ecommerce store,” says Jordaan.

“What companies should instead be looking for are digital consultancies, staffed with people who are up to date with the latest digital technologies in a variety of fields and can spot opportunities as they emerge. These consultancies will also act more like a partner than a service provider, ensuring that your business’ needs are best served,” he added.

Since its establishment in 2018, Hoorah Digital has been aspiring to become a consultancy of this precise nature. The firm has expanded in scope both in terms of service offerings and in terms of geographical reach, and has won a number of lucrative contracts to become a digital partner to major firms.