Three supermarket chains look to Professional Vision Group for strategic support

05 February 2019 3 min. read
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As international retail companies look to capitalise on South Africa’s growing retail market, three local retailers – Qucikmatt, Cleanshelf and Tumaini are looking to enhance their competitive edge in the market. Professional Vision Group has been called upon for support with this objective. 

Based in Cape Town, Professional Vision Group is a B-BBEE- certified consulting firm that caters specifically to the fresh foods sector, supporting firms operating in this industry with a  broad range of solutions to do with retail, manufacturing, hospitality and convenience of food services.

The firm’s services are divided into four verticals, namely consulting, training, e-learning and IT Solutions. In the consulting domain, the firm primarily examines the existing business operations of a fresh foods firm, and looks to make changes that promote efficiency in its processes and systems.

Professional Vision Group holds expertise in supply chain, financial modeling, product development, and the implementation of standard operating procedures. It is this expertise that has now earned the firm contracts from three retailers in South Africa – Quickmatt, Cleanshelf and Tumaini.

Three supermarket chains look to Professional Vision Group for strategic support

All three are supermarket chains that are looking to enhance their profile in South Africa’s increasingly competitive retail environment. Retail is among the few sectors that has maintained its growth trajectory as the rest of the business environment has struggled in the current economic scenario

A number of international retailers are now entering the South African market with the intention of competing with the biggest players in the country, and the latter are looking to modernise their operations to maintain their competitive edge in the market. Cleanshelf and Quickmart have both recently launched new stores in the country, the former in Kayoke and the latter in Lavington.

Commenting on the contracts, co-Founder and Managing Director at Cleanshelf Timothy Kihara said, “We thought it prudent to engage people with a vast experience in the fresh food department. This is the first time we are doing this. We also acknowledge that good margins can be realised from the food sections but it has to be executed and managed well.”

Co-Founder at Professional Vision Group Tim Faull said, “We are a fresh foods consulting company and our core competencies revolve around three key areas, consulting; where we help brands like this (Cleanshelf) layout its blueprint, concepts, menus and recipes, we also train to ensure continuity and developing a food management system that covers everything from procurement to training; the system is also an e-learning platform that enables us to deliver training from anywhere in the world.”