LRMG to help goFLUENT establish a base in South Africa and across Africa

20 February 2019 2 min. read

Global language learning application goFLUENT is set to expand its profile on the African continent through the formation of a strategic partnership with South African management consultancy LRMG, which has operations across Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya, Mauritius and 18 other markets in Africa.

Designed to help with the learning of non-native languages, goFLUENT is centred on the principle of personalisation, leveraging the advancement in human-technology interaction to develop customised content and a holistic learning experience. The firm has been active across the globe since 2000.

goFLUENT lays emphasis on business as the goal for learning a new language, and offers services in corporate language training in some of the most prominent business languages across the globe, such as English, Chinese and French. Nevertheless, Africa has remained a gap in the firm’s geographical scope.

Now, as Africa becomes a stable and lucrative area of foreign investment, the firm is looking to enter the vibrant market, and has selected LRMG to help with the process. The new project will fall under the ambit of LRMG’s learning and talent management technology capabilities.

LRMG to help goFLUENT establish a base in South Africa and across Africa

With operations across a number of key markets in Africa, LRMG is a management consultancy that offers key services including customised eLearning and digital information technology academies. The firm will be tasked with accelerating the spread of goFLUENT across the market. 

Given that a large portion of Africa’s population is rapidly gaining digital access, goFLUENT could become an extremely popular tool to promote growth in business, which should offer LRMG a solid base to build upon. Within South Africa, foreign investment is the name of the game for the current government, which creates room for the knowledge of corporate language.

Commenting on the partnership, Chief Strategy Officer of goFLUENT John Ambrose said, “We believe our fully mobile and web-enabled language solutions provide a unique advantage for Africa. LRMG has a stellar reputation and track record of success in helping organizations improve the performance of their people. We are completely aligned around the importance of language skills for providing all employees an equal voice and opportunities to advance in their careers.”

Ricky Robinson, Founder and CEO of LRMG added, “As the number of multinationals doing business in Africa increases, so does demand for business-level proficiency in English, Chinese, French, and other commerce languages. The partnership with goFLUENT brings the industry’s leading digital platform for seamlessly blending live human interaction with contextualized business content to accelerate the ability of people to listen, speak, read and write expressively in a non-native language.”