SekelaXabiso to operate as a Protiviti member firm in South Africa

22 February 2019 2 min. read
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Global consulting firm Protiviti has added Gauteng-based internal audit and forensic services firm SekelaXabiso CA (SkX) as its first member firm in South Africa. The new firm will serve domestic firms as well as international firms looking for support to enter the South African market.

Founded in 2012, SkX is a majority black-owned B-BBEE level 1 consulting firm that offers a range of services, including internal audits and audits of IT profiles, forensic audits, business consulting services, corporate finance, financial services, support with transactions as well as insurance and actuarial services.

The firm houses over 200 consultants, and has offices in the major financial centres of Gauteng and Durban. SkX will now operate under the umbrella of global consulting firm Protiviti, which will help it gain a wider client base within South Africa due to Protiviti’s international profile.

Protiviti’s global network of member firms operate as independently owned and operated entities, but have access to the firm’s vast pool of resources despite not possessing agency to act on Protiviti’s behalf. The new partnership comes at a time of growth for the South African economy.

SekelaXabiso to operate as a Protiviti member firm in South Africa

Among its objectives, the new member firm plans to help international firms looking to establish a local base in South Africa with knowledge and expertise of the local market. The firm is likely to have a steady stream of business in the near future, given the South African government’s plans to draw foreign investment.

The new President has revealed plans to draw as much as $100 billion in foreign investment over the next five years in order to provide impetus to the economy. Firms investing in the country will be looking to firms such as SkX to help them integrate into the local business environment.

Amongst local firms, innovation is the new mantra, as businesses across the country look to navigate a period of slow economic growth brought about by a dip in global oil and commodity prices. Firms are turning to digitalisation and other innovative channels to help rebuild, and SkX will prove useful to this endeavour.

Commenting on the move, Executive Vice Prisent of International Operations for Protiviti, Andrew Clinton said “As a global firm, it's essential that we have a strong presence in Africa to serve both local and global clients. SkX is well positioned for growth as a member firm based on the brand reputations of both SkX and Protiviti, as well as SkX's impressive set of clients and ability to capitalize on local market opportunities.”