Bramhope Group extends partnership with Bosal Afrika

19 November 2019 2 min. read
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Drawing on a successful collaboration thus far, automotive giant Bosal Afrika has extended its contract with logistics and supply chain management solutions firm Bramhope Group. The advisory firm has been providing maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) solutions for the automotive group for three years now.

Based out of Gauteng, Bramhope Group is a consulting firm that offers solutions in a number of supply chain areas. Alongside MRO, the firm specialises in areas such as personal protective equipment, corporate workwear, health & safety products, in addition to its suite of services.

The Bramhope Group offer training, consulting and auditing services in addition to targeted software development services. Since its establishment in 2002, the firm has grown to prominence in the South African market, not only due to its quality of service, but also due to what it represents at a social level.

The firm holds a level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) accreditation, a goal that many companies in South Africa aspire towards. The firm is also female-owned, which speaks to a growing concern in the South African business environment around gender equality and equitability.

Bramhope Group extends partnership with Bosal Afrika

Building on a successful three-year collaboration with Bosal Afrika, the firm is now set to extend its contract and expand its suite of services. The new portfolio will include support with a number of manufacturing processes, as well as involvement with establishing a new facility early next year.

Bosal Afrika produces a number of automotive fixtures, which includes Emission Control Systems (ECS) and Sutomotive Carrier Protection Systems (ACPS) for a number of stakeholders in the automotive sector, from vehicle manufacturers to traders. Since its establishment in 1923, the firm has evolved into a leading player in the automotive industry.

Commenting on the extended collaboration, Bramhope Group Managing Director Dries van Tonder said, “Our comprehensive service offering covers the entire business cycle, from marketing to distribution, importing, selling, and procurement, and even encompasses packing.”

“Over that time we have not only become an integral part of our customer’s operations, but it has transformed into a valuable partnership,” Van Tonder highlights. As the Bramhope Group has evolved its own service offering, so it has been able to pass on these advances and benefits to its client as well,” he added.