Accenture and Project codeX partner to provide digital skill training

26 November 2019 2 min. read
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Accenture has furthered its involvement with promoting digital skills across the South African market, through a new partnership with Project codeX that will launch a skill development programme for youth in the country. Project codeX is a digital academy supported by former First National Bank CEO Michael Jordaan. 

Established in 2014, Project codeX was conceptualised as a means to solve the dual problem of unemployment and skill deficiencies in the business environment in South Africa. Innovation has become a central principle for many in South Africa, which has created significant demand for digital skills.

However, businesses have found there to be a deficit in digital talent. Meanwhile, a major obstacle to economic growth in South Africa has been the high rate of unemployment in the country. Project codeX has been working to solve these issues by finding and training youth in South Africa in the digital sphere, and ensuring their placement in the workforce.

Analysing the South African economy, global management consultancy Accenture proposed a solution of precisely this nature, arguing that faster skill training in the digital domain is a strong way for the economy to tackle the unemployment rate. The two firms have now teamed up to solve the problem together.

Accenture and Project codeX partner to provide digital skill training

The duo is set to offer a year-long training programme to 21 unemployed youngsters in Cape Town, all of whom have a minimum matriculation level of education and belong to underprivileged segments of society. Participants in the programme were chosen through an online bootcamp that determined their aptitude and openness to learning.

Commenting on the economic scenario that has necessitated the programme, Accenture South Africa CEO Vukani Mngxati said, “As one of the country’s digital accelerators, we are witnessing a resurgence in demand for custom, bespoke software development skills within larger enterprises.”

“This demand places an additional strain on the country’s already limited pool of qualified and experienced Java engineers, whom Accenture also needs for its own projects with clients. It’s vital that we develop adaptable and transferable skills that prepare youth for the dynamic workplace of the future and remain applicable as jobs and industries evolve,” he added.

Michael Jordaan, co-Founder at codeX said, “I am delighted that a start-up and a large global brand will seek to solve our country’s number one challenge. My hope is that we can scale fast to effectively tackle unemployment in South Africa.”