Deloitte and WorleyParsons join forces in South Africa

05 September 2017 2 min. read
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Multinational professional services firm Deloitte and engineering solutions firm WorleyParsons have joined forces in South Africa in order to improve speed, delivery, integration and the strength of their respective client operations in the region.

In a move that provides significant benefit to both parties, Big Four consulting firm Deloitte and WorleyParsons have formed a strategic alliance in South Africa, with the primary objective of improving client experience. The alliance will focus on major projects across the mining, petro-chemical and infrastructure industries.

WorleyParsons is a project delivery firm, with special expertise in engineering, procurement and construction. The firm enters at any given stage of project development, from the creative process to post-establishment sustainability and improvement efforts. Alongside the expertise in mining, petro-chemical and infrastructure sectors, the firm also specializes in metals, minerals and hydrocarbons.

Deloitte, meanwhile, has been expanding increasingly seeking integrative efforts in order to improve their delivery systems, having combined their various African National outlets under the umbrella of Deloitte Africa back in 2013. The firm’s vast experience, reputation, and economic resources are hoped to combine well with the expertise provided by WorleyParsons, to produce well integrated, efficiently delivered project management systems.

Deloitte and WorleyParsons

When speaking of Deloitte’s increasingly integrative strategy in Africa, the Director for Integrated Operations Delivery at Deloitte, Mahendra Dedasaniya said, “Delivering on capital projects in Africa is a complex process that requires integrating several variables that include effectively utilising people as well as the appropriate project delivery tools, methodology and technology. That’s exactly what Deloitte aims to achieve through its partnership with WorleyParsons.”

Dedasania expressed his faith in the alliance when he said: “Deloitte and WorleyParsons have proven track records in building world class capital projects and advisory services respectively on large complex projects for clients across borders and industry segments. The combination of our skills will create new joint service offerings to our existing and prospective clients across Africa”

WorleyParson’s Managing Director for Business Development, Project Support and Facilities, Brian Harkin also displayed optimism about the alliance, stating: “The strategic alliance with Deloitte reflects our commitment to constantly challenge ourselves to develop new opportunities for growth, and is grounded on the proven track records of both organisations in their core competencies of delivering world class advisory services to our clients.”

Global partnership

The alliance between the two firms builds on similar partnerships in other countries, including in Australia, which was formed in 2014, and Canada, established in 2013.