EclecticIQ ventures into South Africa through Pink Elephant partnership

18 May 2018 3 min. read

In line with its recent strategy of international expansion, Netherlands-based cyber-security consulting firm EclecticIQ has secured a foothold in the South African market through a collaboration with Pink Elephant South Africa. The latter will act as a launchpad for key products such as the Eclectic IQ Fusion Center.

Founded in 1980 in the Netherlands, Pink Elephant is an IT services firm that operates across several key markets across the globe, including the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Services offered at the firm include the establishment, improvement, and transformation of clients’ IT infrastructure. 

The firm first entered the South African market in 2004, under the leadership of two experienced employees from the firm’s UK outfit, and has since grown into a leading provider of IT services in the country. Now, the firm’s roster of products is set to expand as it becomes a key sales point in South Africa for fellow Dutch firm EclecticIQ.

As a cyber-security solutions firm, EclecticIQ finds a market of tremendous potential in South Africa. Businesses in South Africa are rapidly transitioning to the digital domain, which represents enormous scope for digital advancement, but also brings with it the risks of a large volume of relatively new online users.

EclecticIQ ventures into South Africa through Pink Elephant partnership

Given the current global atmosphere around data security, businesses are under substantial pressure to improve their cyber-security mechanisms, not only from their customer base but also from the increasingly stringent regulatory environment. The imminent implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act in South Africa will add extra pressure on firms in the country, which are already having to grapple with GDPR regulations with their European clients.

Leveraging Pink Elephant’s expansive local infrastructure, EclecticIQ will hope to offer support in this struggle for compliance, specifically through the distribution of two flagship products: EclecticIQ Platform and EclecticIQ Fusion Center.

The former is classified as a Threat Intelligence Platform, which essentially optimizes the process of identifying, analysing and investigating threats, primarily by connecting and interpreting data from open sources, commercial suppliers, and industry partnerships. The Fusion Center, on the other hand, is an advanced facility that allows for the accumulation of intelligence sources, and the subsequent integration of these sources to create a comprehensive threat management system

Commenting on the partnership with Pink Elephant, Joost van Hest, Senior Vice President of Sales & Solutions at EclecticIQ said, “We are excited to enter the rapidly growing South African market, with its strong demand for cyber threat intelligence solutions. With their longstanding experience, competence and local network, Pink Elephant was an obvious choice for us when we decided to enter into this region. We look forward to establishing ourselves as Cyber Threat Intelligence market leaders in South Africa thanks to this partnership.”

Neil Petford, Regional Director at Pink Elephant added, "This partnership with EclecticIQ builds on our existing security offering in the secure remote access and privileged access management space with global award-winning threat identification toolsets. As companies are becoming increasingly more digital, data and cyber security forms an integral role in their wider IT management strategies, and by expanding on our existing IT security offerings, we are able to provide a holistic solution for our customers across not just technology, but advisory and education too."