Jumping Bean and EDC4IT collaborate to offer training and consulting services

28 November 2018 Consultancy.co.za 3 min. read

Gauteng-based technology consulting firm Jumping Bean has entered into a strategic partnership with European IT education and training firm EDC4IT, with the primary objective of providing training and consulting services across Europe, Africa and a number of other regions. 

With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Polokwane, Jumping Bean is a South African consulting firm that specialises in helping clients integrate the latest technology solutions within their operations. Some of the firm’s core areas of expertise include Linux, Java and PHP technologies.

In addition to supporting firms with onboarding open source software to reduce costs of operations and increase efficiency, Jumping Bean also offers training services to help employees gain command over software. The firm also boasts software development capabilities, which provides it with a strong position in the South African market, where an increasing number of firms are looking to undergo digital transformation.

In collaboration with European training firm EDC4IT, Jumping Bean will now not only offer training programmes based on international standards, but will also work to customise these programmes based on the needs of individual clients. The new programmes are targeted at the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets, and will expand elsewhere if possible.

Jumping Bean and EDC4IT collaborate to offer training and consulting services

To match the new expectations, Jumping bean is looking to expand its entire range of service offerings. The firm will also look to develop programmes in a number of different languages, the resources for which will be provided by EDC4IT, which will leverage Jumping Bean’s local presence.

EDC4IT is a Dutch firm that specialises in IT training and offers additional professional IT services as well as support with IT application development. “We are eager to bring our experience to bear upon projects in territories old and new,” said Managing Director of EDC4IT Jorden de bouve.

“What EDC4IT and Jumping Bean both contribute is their roster of impeccable trainers and consultants who come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In harnessing the creativity of our consultants and trainers, we are perfectly positioned in Europe, and Africa, to cater to clients in older and burgeoning markets,” he added.

Senior Executive at Jumping Bean Mark Clarke added, “Jumping Bean and EDC4IT share a common business focus on solutions integration, development and education. Passion for technology and innovation is a key shared value for both companies. This has enabled each company, individually, to deliver quality services and educational courses, in the high velocity open source space. Now, with our combined resources, we will be able to tackle new and exciting opportunities and bring much-needed skills to the market.”