SRK Consulting places first on top 25 list of reports on the mining sector

10 December 2018 2 min. read

South African mining consultancy SRK Consulting has topped the RSC Mineral Intelligence top 25 list for the best reports on the mining sector across the globe. Partner at the firm Andrew van Zyl attributes SRK’s sustained spell at the top to its independence as an analysis and consultancy firm.

Mining is among the most central segments of the South African economy, much like a number of economies across the globe. A global dip in the prices of commodities and precious metals in recent years has caused a dip in revenues and market capitalisation for the international mining industry.

In such a scenario, many firms operational in the sector have come to rely on the expertise and analysis of mining consultancies such as SRK Consulting to help navigate this period of stagnation, primarily through state-of-the-art innovative techniques. Consequently, SRK Consulting has been increasingly active in recent years.

SRK Consulting places first on top 25 list of reports on the mining sector

The firm has been releasing analysis on how to cut costs in the new regulatory environment, and has been working to help attract international investment to the South African economy. Now, the firm’s reports and analysis have been ranked at the top of the list from RSC Mineral intelligence.

According to the Partner and Principal Consultant at the firm Andrew van Zyl, the firm’s position at the top can be attributed to its independence of operations. “Our leading position has been built as much on our independence and integrity as it has on our highly-regarded expertise and professionalism,” he said.

“We have no equity investments, take no equity as payment and are not involved in construction of plant or sale of equipment – all as part of our focus on being as independent as possible,” explains Van Zyl, continuing on to highlight the strategy that most mining companies should follow in this challenging period.

“While political and regulatory risk is always a concern in the mining sector, I would argues that the technical risk remains generally more important in the life of most mining projects. It is no simple matter to find suitably experienced people to study, plan and implement a mineral project in a remote region of Africa, for instance.”