Ngage Marketing wins MEA Business Award for communications

31 March 2020 2 min. read

Public relations (PR) consultancy Ngage Marketing has been named the Best Industrial Communications Agency in South Africa for 2020 at the latest MEA Business Awards. The awards are organised by market research and publication company MEA Markets.

Based in Johannesburg, Ngage is a PR and communications consultancy that serves clients in a variety of industries, including mining, engineering, construction and IT, among others. The firm specialises in developing a brand’s image and enhancing its reputation, through a variety of service areas.

Advertising is included in this suite of services, as is online marketing, social media strategy, and investor relations. The firm also works on business-to-business communications, for clients looking to develop their corporate reputation.

Ngage was founded in 2006 by a married couple, Renay & Russel Tandy. Since then, not only has it expanded to serve a growing client pool across South Africa, but it has also been recognised for its quality work on numerous occasions. Among these are a number of PRISM Gold Awards, including for Best Small PR Consultancy in 2012, and Launch of a New Product in 2013.

Ngage Marketing wins MEA Business Award for communications

Renay Tandy, who operates as PR Director, was awarded the PRISM Gold Award for Best PR Professional in Media Liaison in 2013. The latest accolade from MEA Markets recognises the firm’s contribution to maintaining the strong position that the Middle East & African markets hold in the global economy. 

“Introduced in 2015, MEA Business Awards hosted by MEA Markets celebrate the copious amounts of diverse talent that can be found in this region,” states the MEA Markets website. Ngage has been recognised by MEA Market previously as well, With an award for Best Integrated Communications Agency in 2019 and Best Full-Service Communications Agency in 2018.

Ngage is thriving at a time when marketing is becoming an increasingly central priority in the South African business environment. Research suggests that the strength of marketing at a time of economic stagnation is crucial to brand success and longevity, which puts brands like Ngage in a good position. Ngage has strong competition in this space, with a number of new marketing agencies coming up rapidly, while larger firms also move to capitalise on this burgeoning market.

Commenting on the award, Renay Tandy said, “The awards from MEA Markets are particularly gratifying and significant, as many of our international clients have an extensive presence in Africa and the Middle East. The fact that we continue to win some of the top international awards in our industry speaks volumes about us as a marketing company that has really grown in its niche, becoming the best it can be.”