Hoorah's take on the state of digital marketing

20 March 2020 Consultancy.co.za 2 min. read
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Data is not merely an additional tech enhancement for digital marketing agencies, but a core aspect of the sector’s functioning, according to digital marketing consultancy Hoorah Digital. Data is being used to drive marketing into an era of “hyper personalisation.”

Hoorah Digital spoke to Business Chief about trends and challenges in the market. The firm, which is geared towards becoming a central player in South Africa’s digital marketing landscape, reveals a tendency for companies to seek in-house digital creativity on the one hand, but inertia when it comes to tech advancement on the other.

While most businesses appeared to have embraced the digital era, few are making the effort to stay atop the fast-paced evolution of the sector. “Business leaders are not staying current when it comes to technology and creativity. Too many are operating in silos, when what is needed is seamless, integrated solutions, not just across the marketing and advertising channels, but across the business,” said the firm.

Hoorah's take on the state of digital marketing

Hoorah is trying to support businesses with keeping pace, and data lies at the centre of this objective. Recent analysis across South Africa has shown how consumer data and technology is becoming a core component of marketing, as businesses look to model their offerings to the last detail of customer preferences.

The firm refers to this as “hyper personalisation.” Hyper personalisation will become the norm and it will feel good because it will be spot on. Hyper personalisation will ensure that what you need is there at the micro moment that you want it. The expectation will be for this sense of serendipitousness to become the new normal.”

Advisory firms across the globe have become involved in leveraging technology to deliver solutions of this accuracy, branded under the buzz term MarTech (marketing technology). Google and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) launched their Digital Maturity Benchmark in South Africa recently, allowing businesses to measure up their MarTech capabilities against market trends.

Hoorah Digital is becoming increasingly active in the digital marketing advisory space. Since its establishment two years ago, the firm has gone from strength to strength, having expanded its client pool significantly and received recognition for the quality of its marketing campaigns.