PBT to reorient operations with a greater focus on data analytics

11 December 2018 Consultancy.co.za 3 min. read
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Cape-Town based business advisory firm PBT Group has declared its intentions to orient itself as a data analytics firm, primarily in light of a number of successful PoCs in Europe that has led to a stream of lucrative contracts on Google, Amazon and Microsoft’s respective cloud platforms. 

Founded in 1998, PBT is a consulting firm that offers a variety of services including business intelligence, informations management, systems integration, application development and – most pertinently – advanced analytics. It is this last field that is set to take centre stage in PBT’s operations in the near future.

Businesses across South Africa are currently focused on developing their innovative capabilities, which creates a large market for advanced data analytical capabilities. The market for these services is also expanding in size, particularly as small and medium firms begin to embrace the latest in digital analytics.

PBT has recently made great strides in developing its cloud-based analytical capabilities. The firm completed a number of successful PoC’s in Europe, which won it projects on Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure as well as on Amazon Web Services. These contracts not only offer legitimacy to the firm’s operations in South Africa, but also provide it with an additional market in Europe.

PBT to reorient operations with a greater focus on data analytics

In South Africa, the firm is currently engaged in a cognitive project at one of the country’s most prominent financial institutions, which will consolidate its position as a data expert. As explained by a statement from PBT, “The open source technology applied in this project is in high demand worldwide across industries.”

“The cognitive project at one of the leading financial institutions in South Africa is a stepping stone to strategically position ourselves as the leading data and analytics company, not only in South Africa, but potentially in Europe as well,” continued the statement, on the two-pronged growth strategy that the firm is pursuing on two continents.

In addition, the firm is reportedly engaged in a project with one of the world’s largest consulting and auditing firms, which involves a comprehensive transformation. The technology used in this instance broadens our industry scope to manufacturing, an industry with considerable AI possibilities. “

The firm continued, “the re-skilling of the existing PBT Group consulting base will inevitably require capital investment to adopt to new data trends. Our more traditional business remains stable and in demand and should remain as such for the foreseeable future. Altogether, a period full of action, with a foundation having been laid for a new wave and exciting time ahead.”