NTT enters South African Market with Nexcenter in Johannesburg

21 December 2017 2 min. read

Global Internet Communications Technology (ICT) and cloud services firm NTT has announced plans to launch their latest Nexcenter in South Africa. The data centre service will be established in partnership with Internet Solutions (IS), a pan African telecoms firm and a subsidiary of the NTT Group.

The Nexcenter is a data centre service offered by Tokyo-based international ICT firm NTT. The service is offered across the world, and has a list of international standards consisting of nearly 300 items. Currently, 140 centres exist in more than 20 countries, the Asian outlets of which cumulatively have the largest network coverage in the entire Acia-Pacific region.

Now, in partnership with Pan-African telecom firm IS, NTT has planned the launch of a new Nexcenter in Johannesburg, South Africa. The partnership with IS comes under the colocation category, is effective from December of this year, and will hope to tap into the strong growth that is anticipated in the South African economy over the next few years, driven primarily by innovation.

IS is a telecoms-based consulting firm, which has worked with companies across the continent for 20 years, not only as a telecom service provider, but also a provider of solutions based on Internet Protocol technologies.NTT enters South African Market with Nexcenter in JohannesburgThe centre, named the Parklands Data Center, will be situated in the main business district of the city, and contains an area of 1,900 square metres, stretched across four floors. By 2018, NTT has plans to add another tower to the facility, with the objective of supplying 570 high density racks.

The centre is equipped with: 1.3 Megawatts of standby battery power, emergency generators that supply redundancy at a 2N level, and enough fuel capacity for 45 hours of continuous operation. In addition, the centre will meet the TIA942 Tier 3, SOC2 Type2, Type 1 and ISO27001 standards.

In essence the service will cater to two business groups. The first is the group of enterprises in Asia, Europe and the US, which are planning to expand their businesses into South Africa. The second is the group of South African enterprises that are looking to expand into the global market. Each group will have associated benefits from Nexcenters across the world.

Commenting on the project, Saki Mssalkos, Director of IS said, “Internet Solutions is pleased to join this international network of top-standard data centres. As the first Nexcenter™ location in Africa, we present attractive service and technological capability to multinational companies looking to expand into the region.”