Accenture Interactive launches Fjord innovation studio in Johannesburg

24 September 2018 3 min. read
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Accenture has established a presence in Johannesburg for its design and innovation subsidiary Fjord, which it hopes to make the leader in design services across Africa. The new establishment marks Accenture Interactive’s first design studio in Africa, and its 28th across the world. 

Global management consultancy Accenture acquired London-based design consultancy Fjord in 2013, with the specific objective of expanding its capacity for digital marketing services across the globe. The acquisition was made with the objective of supplementing Accenture Interactive’s offerings in business strategy, data analytics and technology.

At the time, Global Managing Director of Accenture Interactive, Brian Whipple said, “Adding Fjord’s mobility and design capabilities to the services provided by Accenture Interactive will allow us to deliver engaging and relevant customer experiences powered by scalable, industrialized marketing technology and operations,”

The firm has now taken Fjord to the South African market, where it has been working extensively to promote innovation in the business environment. In November last year, Accenture launched its Liquid Studio in Johannesburg, with the aim of promoting an experimental attitude amongst firms in the technological domain.

Accenture Interactive launches Fjord innovation studio in Johannesburg

Fjord Johannesburg will become operational in November this year, situated in Accenture’s large-scale Waterfall office, which is also home to Accenture Interactive operations. The move is aimed, as per the firm, to continue its agenda of promoting innovation and transforming industry conventions.

Primarily a design firm, Fjord offers a range of services, including support with value-adding design strategies. The firm also strategically constructs both service and product offerings for its clients, differentiating itself through its philosophy of placing people at the heart of any organisation.

Fjord Johannesburg will be led by its new Design Director and Studio Lead Marcel Rossouw, who said of the launch “Brands are constantly asking, 'how does one take a business need or problem, build that out into a definition of a service experience, and then bring it to market?’ It’s about re-engineering existing service experiences, identifying customer needs, prototyping rapidly, iterating often and proving or disproving assumptions. But it’s also about getting feedback from customers. The combination of these factors helps companies advance towards the ultimate service experience.”

Managing Director at Accenture Interactive, Wayne Hull added, “Great design tells great stories, it unifies a brand, drives innovation and makes the brand or service distinctive and hyper-relevant in both the digital and physical worlds. This is critical to achieving results. Having Fjord Johannesburg as part of Accenture Interactive, and collaborating with all of Accenture Africa, will provide unique experiences and forward-thinking capabilities for our clients.”