Pragmattica wins partnership with d6 group amid overall business development drive

31 October 2018 3 min. read
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Cape-Town-based digital consultancy Pragmattica has been awarded the status of digital media partner at the d6 Group, which primarily involves the development and implementation of monetization strategies, with the specific objective of boosting the latter’s revenue streams.

Pragmattica is a brand new firm that was founded only earlier this year in Cape Town, with a broad suite of services under the broad umbrella of digital consultancy. Some of these services include the development of advertising strategies and support with purchase & sale strategies for media companies.

In addition, the firm offers services in the digital monetisation domain and is active in the social media domain, wherein it helps with campaign management & optimisation for media publishers and buyers. The firm also delves in the field of data analytics to service its primary client base – the media industry.

The firm has now won one of its first major contracts with the d6 group. The one year contract entails the development of a monetisation strategy for the group, with the specific objective of supporting d6’s foray into developing mobile apps for housing estates, churches and recreational clubs.

Pragmattica wins partnership with d6 group amid overall business development drive

Moreover, Pragmattica appears to have hit the ground running in South Africa, given that it is currently negotiating a number of other partnerships with media houses in the country. The range of partnerships is primarily targeted at developing a premium mobile in-app inventory. 

Commenting on the firm’s progress, the Founder of Pragmattica Amanda Louw Bester said, “We are in the process of implementing programmatic solutions along with a comprehensive data management service to improve user performance and profitability for the company as a whole.”

““We are in negotiations with some 3rd party demand providers and have successfully completed various technical integration tests with Google Ad Manager, and d6’s own proprietary ad tech which monetises on a cost per user model,” she added.

“The objective is to provide a solution that caters to the preferred buying model media agencies require, as well as d6 Group’s long-standing community marketers. d6 are generating over 35 million ad impressions monthly, which requires Pragmattica to explore various offerings not limited to CPM, CPC, Sponsorships, and Cost Per User buying models.”

Pragmattica is not only competing with a number of newly emerging digital consultancies, but is also up against some of the largest players in the global consulting industry, who are increasingly gravitating towards the digital consulting and advertising space.