Digital media consultancy Hoorah acquires Tenzing Agency to boost ecommerce

18 July 2018 3 min. read

Cape-Town-based digital media consultancy Hoorah has made a strategic acquisition in the form of Durban-based digital services firm Tenzing Agency with the objective of enhancing its e-commerce platform. The acquisition builds on previous collaboration between the two on an ecommerce project for the World Wildlife Foundation for Nature.

Hoorah is a brand new media agency, founded just this year, centred firmly on the latest market trends of innovation and digital disruption. To uphold this approach and stay relevant, the firm relies on the comprehensive collection and creative analysis of data, illustrated in its tagline – ‘brand results through data.’

Among its range of media services, the firm lays particular emphasis on supporting clients with the development of e-commerce platforms, wherein it has a number of new principles to apply. One such principle is a higher level of engagement with the customer, achieved through the development of data management platforms and direct communication of the outcomes to customers via digital media.

To bolster these e-commerce capabilities, the firm has now made the move to acquire digital design and development firm Tenzing Agency – another firm that has uninhibitedly embraced the era of digital disruption and offers services therein. The pair of firms has worked together previously for WWF, a collaboration that produced more than satisfactory results.

Digital media consultancy Hoorah acquires Tenzing Agency to boost ecommerce

“At Hoorah, we’re all about producing real business results for our clients. The work we did with Tenzing on the WWF store brought home how important ecommerce can be in producing those results,” explained Co-Founder at Hoorah Jay Thomson.

He continued, “If you understand how to target consumers correctly, and we believe we do, you can ensure that they get to your site. Once they get there, however, the shopping experience has to be one that makes them want to buy. By bringing Tenzing into the Hoorah family, we can ensure that happens.”

Tenzing is also a relatively new establishment, founded in 2016, with a key presence in the financial centre of Durban, as well as an office in the UK. Alongside its e-commerce capabilities, the firm also offers crucial digital services such as social media development and strategy as well as web design and development.

“We’re incredibly excited to have a permanent presence in Durban. The city has a growing sense of energy and vibrancy, with companies there demanding the same kind of quality in their digital offerings as they’d get in Cape Town and Johannesburg,” added Thomson.

Hoorah is looking to become a key player in the increasingly competitive environment of media consulting in South Africa. Not only are major consulting firms across the globe edging their way into the creative media sector, but a number of innovative digital agencies of similar caliber as Hoorah are ramping up their local operations. The restructuring of iShack is an example of this, as are the expansion efforts from Nona Creative.