Tanja Lategan launches digital transformation consultancy

04 October 2019 Consultancy.co.za 3 min. read
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Enlight Strategic joins the vibrant digital transformation consulting market in South Africa, launched by seasoned digital executive Tanja Lategan. The firm is looking to bring a fresh approach to digital transformations in the country, shifting from a focus on the backend to include digitalisation of the front end as well.

The new firm will be based in Cape Town and will offer a broad suite of services, which it clubs into four service lines. The first is strategic consulting, which includes services such as digital maturity benchmarking and the development of digital roadmap that stretches from end-to-end of an organisation’s operations.

Big Data solutions is the second category of services, which includes advanced analytic work aimed at enhancing business intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the third category, which includes efforts to strategise AI investments with the hope of extracting maximum value from minimal investments.

Automation is the last category of the firm’s offerings, entailing the automation of key operational areas with a specialisation in digital marketing. All four categories of services are in high demand in the current South African market, given that most businesses in the country have realised the value of digitalisation.

Tanja Lategan, Founder at Enlight

Enlight Strategic joins a host of other agencies that are supporting the digital transformation drive across South Africa. The firm will not only compete with other digital consultancies, but will also have to contend with specialised digital marketing agencies that are increasingly active in the country.

Tanja Lategan, Founder & CEO at Enlight Strategic said, “There is a clear appetite for digital transformation services in South Africa. Digital Transformation is no longer a choice; it simply has to be done if an organisation wants to remain competitive. As a result, most companies end up only partially transformed. In order for full transformation to take place, every part of the business has to be involved”

“Our aim is to empower our clients, and set up the structures and capabilities they require internally to be self-sufficient in a digital world. At the end of the day, we'll judge ourselves on how the client's business has been transformed and, even more critically, is able to continue on this new path once the engagement has concluded,” she added.

Lategan has a wealth of experience in the digital domain. She is a graduate in Computer and Information Sciences from Stellenbosch University, and has worked at a number of high profile companies through her career, including Touchline Media, and Primedia Online. She has worked at a CEO level for Dash of lime, 365 Digital Publishing, iafrica.com, Primedia Online and Juice Content. She was also Managing Director at Creative Spark until earlier this year.